Vera Cortês Art Agency, 2007, Lisbon

Press Release

This new series of paintings prolongs the work Daniela Krtsch has been developing, in which is evident the artist`s personal meditation on subjects that although seemingly inscribed in a recognizable universe, comprise a tense examination of identity.

DECEMBER is based on an idea of recording a collection of images capable of crystallizing several different ways of experiencing one and the same space during a short, specific period of time.

In this work there is an underlying conception of unifying space, which is simultaneously undergoing a metamorphosis in consequence of its usage and as the stage of the most diverse situations.
We are thus in face of an environment that feels familiar, but is the cenario for distant characters – introducing an imbalance of values and a latent disarticulation. If, on one hand, these paintings correspond to an individual and intimate expression, almost like a diary, they also work as the catalyst for countless possibilities that lead to the most diverse potential narratives, or to the construction of multiple interpretations –
challenging the viewer to a reflection that is constantly being projected outside the borders of the paintings themselves.
This work is not only a series of records of an experienced event. It is also the recording of the recollection of other experiences or even of imaginary ones. Reality is thus presented side by side with fiction, becoming indistinct.

Margarida Brito Alves