Simplesmente Maria

Press Release

The project here presented is composed by a group of 15 paintings based on selected vignettes taken from the photographic pulp-novel “Simplesmente Maria” quite popular in Portugal in the late 60´s.
The process of enlargement and supposed artistic elevation given to the vignettes that previously accompanied tacky dialogues, tries to expose the paradigm of a futile, plastic society, obsessed on projecting a trained happiness, hiding individual frustrations in the apparent impossibility of searching for one´s own happiness.From the formal point of view, “Simplesmente Maria” tries to highlight the latent conflict in each portrayed character, in prejudice of idyllic situations that they falsely try to recreate.

Unveiling the deception, empty faces appear, the seed of the frustration that would strengthen the rebellion that would culminate in the political events of the 70´s.

The parallelism with the present is implicit.